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Math Kids 7 A Knotty Problem Newest Version RGB.jpg

The Math Kids: A Knotty Problem

Written by David Cole

Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Cover Design: Shannon O'Toole

Common Deer Press

When Stephanie finds out her soccer team has a tournament on the same day as the district math competition, an upset Justin offers her a choice: choose Math Kids or leave the club. Dismayed by his attitude, Stephanie quits and Catherine goes with her. With their club in shambles, the future of their friendships is further threatened by the news that Justin's dad has been offered a new job and wants to move his family to St. Louis.


Jordan, Justin, Catherine, and Stephanie may face the permanent fracture of their friend group and a bleak end to their school year—unless they can come together to overcome some impossible situations.


Problem-solving skills apply to much more than homework in the latest addition to the Math Kids series.

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