About Me


I am a painter and children's book illustrator working in Toronto Ontario. I love exploring new ways and styles to tell stories through my art. Both of my artistic practices are inspired by the many unique characters and people in my life. 


Feel free to connect with me with any questions, or opportunities via my email...

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Book Illustrations 

2021 The Adventures of Grandmasaurus: At The Aquarium Rescue Centre by Caroline Fernandez, Common Deer Press

2021 The Math Kids: An Encrypted Clue by David Cole, Common Deer Press

2021 Superhero Faith by Faith Abraham

2020 The Adventures of Grandmasaurus, by Caroline Fernandez, Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole, Common Deer Press

2019 Stop Reading This Book! By Caroline Fernandez, Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole, Common Deer Press

2019 The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern by David Cole, Common Deer Press

2019 The Math Kids: A Sequence of Events by David Cole, Common Deer Press

2018 The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars by David Cole, Common Deer Press 

2018 The Story of My Face by Leanne Baugh, Second Story Press 

2016  Bulkhead the Ship's Cat by Richard Coleman 


A Peek Into The Process: Author Caroline Fernandez and Illustrator Shannon O'Toole share how STOP READING THIS BOOK was created, Debbie Ridpath Ohi :http://inkygirl.com/inkygirl-main/2019/10/3/a-peek-into-the-process-author-caroline-fernandez-and-illust.html

Fine Art Exhibitions

September, 2018 Anniversary Show, The Freedom Factory, Toronto, ON

April, 2018 VAM, Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto, ON

March 2018 The Views are Different Here, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON

February 2018 The Art of Dialogue, Visual Arts Mississauga, Mississauga, ON

November 2017 Figureworks, Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts, Ottawa, ON

September 2017 Grand Opening Art Show, The Freedom Factory, Toronto, ON

September 2017 REversion, The Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

August, 2017 RAW Toronto Presents: Fixate, Toronto, ON

August, 2016 Animals and Wildlife, International Gallery of the Arts, Toronto, ON (Honourable Mention)

March, 2015 BFA Juried Art Show, Propeller Gallery, Toronto ON

January, 2015 Shannon O’Toole Solo Art Exhibition, the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, ON

September, 2014 Student Mural Showcase, York University, Toronto ON

March, 2014 Merge, Twist Gallery, Toronto, ON

2014 Fovea, York University Open House, Toronto, ON

January, April, 2013 Arts at the Horn, The Hunters Horn, Whitby, ON

Febuary, 2013 A Touch of Art, Stavs, Oshawa, ON

Public Murals

2014 York University Site Specific Mural Art Contest Commission, York University  

Awards anRecognition

2015 Jack Bush Scholarship Fund, York University

2014 Faculty-Fine Arts Opportunity Award, York University

2011 2014- York University Continuing Student Scholarship, York University

2014 Alex Dabic Figurative Painting Award, York University

2010 xYU Renewable Entrance Scholarship, York University

2010 Awarded Two Free University Credits (College Board AP), Princeton University , accredited by York University

Arts Affiliations

Member of CANSCAIP since 2019

Member of The Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators since 2018

Member of RAW Natural Born Artists Toronto Since 2017


2010 - 2015 Specialized Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts, York University 

- Graduated Summa Cum Laude and a Member of the Deans Honour Roll. 

2012 - 2015 Bachelor of Education, York University