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Stop Reading This Book!

Written by Caroline Fernandez

Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole


Common Deer Press


"Here’s an idea...turn the left page.


That way, you can go back to the beginning, close the book, and pretend you didn’t start reading this book.


It would be like going back in time...give it a try...


This heart-warming picture book urges children to read using comedy and contradiction.


Who is the villain—the reader or the book? In this story, the book itself perceives the reader as a mischief-maker and tries to protect its pages.


It is a story of a book judging a reader by their “cover.” In turning pages, the reader becomes the hero of their own story overcoming the challenges the book puts up to roadblock reading.


Stop Reading This Book introduces young readers to book elements like protagonists, antagonists, conflict, and resolution and showcases themes of child empowerment, judgment and misjudgment, marginalization and inclusivity, and persistence.

The book is also available in hard cover."

A Peek Into The Process: Author Caroline Fernandez and Illustrator Shannon O'Toole share how STOP READING THIS BOOK was created, Debbie Ridpath Ohi :

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