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Superhero Faith 

Written by Faith Abraham

Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Superhero Faith is inspired by Faith’s real life relationship with her dog Sparkle, and her grandma, affectionately known as “Mama.”

Follow Superhero Faith and her sidekick Sparkle as they power up to save the day helping grandma. Superhero Faith and her trusty sidekick Sparkle are out to rescue Grandma from a sore tummy, being too hot, losing her cane, and worst of all...Brussels sprouts!

“Superhero Faith is age-appropriate, a lovely story for this time and the people. I love Faith’s creativity and the creativity of the youth. This story encourages young people that anything is possible. Once it’s safe to reopen, I am inviting Faith to come to the Jean Augustine Centre For Young Women’s Empowerment to read her book, Superhero Faith.”

— The Honourable Jean Augustine

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