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The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars

Written by David Cole

Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Cover Design: Shannon O'Toole

Common Deer Press

Jordan and Justin are best friends and the only two kids in their class’s advanced math group. So it isn’t until Stephanie Lewis marches into their classroom that they meet someone who’s as good with numbers as they are. Their shared interest in math quickly draws them together, and the three soon form The Math Kids.


Unfortunately, life as math club kids isn’t always easy. In addition to extra homework, the three friends have two new problems. First, a string of mysterious burglaries has the whole neighbourhood on edge, including their parents. Then, they manage to earn unwanted attention from Robbie, the class bully. Luckily, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie soon learn that their new club may give them the skills they need to solve both problems.


The Math Kids: Prime-Time Burglars, the first book in David Cole's fast-moving math adventure series.

One of Red Tricycle's Best Kids Books of 2018

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