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The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern

Written by David Cole

Illustrated by Shannon O'Toole

Cover Design: Shannon O'Toole

Common Deer Press

The Math Kids are at it again!  When their new friend, Special Agent Carlson, asks them to take a look at a cryptic poem written by a dying bank robber, they know they will need all of their math skills to crack the case.


The poem isn't their only problem, though.  Their favourite school janitor is fired for stealing from student lockers.  The Math Kids know Old Mike would never do anything like that, but how can they prove it, especially with the new janitor watching their every move?


Jordan, Stephanie, Justin, and Catherine will need math, bravery, and a little bit of luck if they hope to solve the bank robbery case and get Old Mike his job back.  Will they be able to figure out the unusual pattern in time?


The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern is the third book in David Cole's fast-moving math adventure series. 

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